Welcome to MBT Academy

Modular Biblical Training Academy

“Teaching Timeless Torah Truths”


The MBT Academy is a unique place of learning for people of any age. We have designed a series of what we call “Sitting Rooms”. These rooms utilize what we have learned from recent discoveries in Neuroscience that are foundational to the process of learning. In these Sitting Rooms you will develop a biblical vocabulary, build the fundamental concepts that are needed for learning Torah, and learn how to build new neural networks of Truth that promote transformational thinking.


The Academy is called “Modular Biblical Training Academy” for Torah Learning. It is modular in that it is a series of independent units of learning that can be combined in a number of ways. The Torah concepts learned in this method of learning will then be used in combinations that introduce the student to further concepts of the Torah.


The reason this way of learning is helpful is because of how Abba, Our Father has given His Written Word to us. He uses language and stories to create what we see as “Torah Pictures” or “Teaching Pictures.” Our Father sovereignly designs the life journey of each of us. There are Torah concepts (Teaching concepts) that we need to understand in order to understand the Journey that He has for us. He disciples His own children within a life journey that He has laid out for us. When we develop our sight through the study of His Word, He then gives us eyes to see our life journey as He would give to us to see. Then, He uses the teaching pictures that He has woven throughout His Word. He uses these teaching pictures in many combinations to speak to us. He speaks to us very intimately through His Word. It is His own Word with which He speaks. His Word and His Breath together are His Voice. This is an intimate part of how we hear His Voice throughout our life journey, walking with Him as The Sovereign of all His creation and as our Abba, our Father.


MBT is an Academy by this definition:

An Academy is a place of training in a special field. Our field of learning is Timeless Torah Truths, which help us to re-discover the humanity that God created humanity to be. How do we know who we are as His children? In today’s world, our understanding of humanity has drifted far from what God describes it to be in His Word — far from the humanity that He created humanity to be. We have also drifted far from the human relationships that God created from the beginning.


An Academy is an institution that aims to promote and maintain standards in its particular field. This is exactly the aim of MBT Academy. We seek to promote and to maintain accuracy in handling Torah text to rediscover the foundations of our Faith. In so doing, we will rediscover the foundations of human relationships.


As we have mentioned, in MBT Academy, the student will find what we call “Sitting Rooms.” These Sitting Rooms are designed for one to hold still within Torah Truths in order to grow new neural networks of Truth. Our Father, our Creator, instructs us to experience transformation by the renewing of our mind (Romans 12:2). We will discover why it is that He gives us that instruction. We will also discover His design for how that easily takes place.


Year One: Rediscovering Our Reality In Messiah “The Garden Story”

The MBT Academy is an online program, which is still in development, but due to high demand, we’re allowing those who want to, to access each module that has been completed. The price for enrollment in MBT Academy is an annual $100 per student. If a student enters the School during 2016, their tuition of $100 covers the remaining months of 2016 and the whole of 2017. For the year 2016, the tuition payment gives the student access to all of the first Sitting Rooms that are already available and each new one that becomes available. The student will also have full access to The Student Resource Center. Some of the Sitting Rooms will have hyperlinks, which take the student to resources that are in The Student Resource Center.

Once any student completes 4 years of enrolment in MBT Academy, the student can remain as an Alumni Student. The Alumni fee for access to all Sitting Rooms will be an annual $50.

Students from many countries are asking for this help in their studies of Torah.

We are delighted to be able to open MBT Academy to the students of many nations.

Our Team of Translators are working on the Sitting Rooms in Korean, Japanese, Chinese and French to start with. We will add other languages as that becomes possible.

Each Sitting Room is designed for the student to spend time there — enough time in each one before moving on to the next Sitting Room. The design of these “Rooms” is so that one can grow new neural networks of Timeless Torah Truths. In order to accomplish this, do not move quickly from one Sitting Room to the next. We will have a special Module where the Sitting Rooms will show how neural networks are formed. These insights from neuroscience will be treasures for those of us who yearn to walk in the freedom of who we now are as new creation children of God.

We have a most excellent professional web master who has built the MBT Academy On Line School. The school is now ready for anyone wishing to begin their journey of discovering Timeless Torah Truths.

Welcome to the MBTA International Family of students!