Our Creator, our Father, often writes His Words to us in ways that lead us to ask questions, questions that lead us to discovery. It is a wise student that watches where He is leading us to ask questions. Our Logo was designed with a plumb line casting a shadow.  What is the concept that we are depicting in our Logo?

The concept centers on the word “torah.” Let us explain.


In Hebrew most words have a base of a three-letter combination. The three-letter combination that is the base for the word “Torah” is y-r-h (י-ר-ה). From this letter combination is derived two words often used in archery: yareh (ירה) and torah (תורה). The verb yareh means to aim to hit the target (or mark). When the target is hit, that would be reflected in the word, torah.  There are many wonderful reasons that God designed the word Torah to refer to His own Words that He would give to us in writing. The Sitting Rooms of The MBT Academy will explore many of these reasons.


The Word of God is the Words of our Creator to us.

In giving His Word to us, He told us this:

“For it [the Torah] is not an empty word for you, indeed, it is your life” (Deuteronomy. 32:47). This reminds us of another word often used in archery: chata’a   ח ט א ח. Chata’ah basically means, “missing it!” The most common Hebrew word that is translated sin in the Hebrew Scriptures is this word chata’a. When God uses this word in speaking to us about what we are missing, what is it that He is saying to us? Exactly this: We are missing who He is and we are missing the Truths that would set us free to be who we are created to be! We are missing that which is who we are; that which is our own life — our life, as we were created to live! Words that guard life, Words that guard all human relationships.


Do we understand what it is that our Father our Creator is trying to give to us?

John 10:10 “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

All that He did for us, He did to give us back our life!

There are many things to explore within these Truths of Torah.

The plum line of our logo is representing Abba’s Words directly from Him as our Creator. Words that give us back that which is truly our life as we are created to live.

Words that are perfect for us to simply walk within. You will discover the depths of wisdom in this teaching as you spend time in the Sitting Rooms, going from one to the next exploring Timeless Torah Truths.