Some of our Hopes:
It is the hope of the Berkowitz Family to assist more and more families to spend quality family time together in their family meal times.

Family sharing together at the family table can be transformational as part of what each day can be.  We recommend a return to Family mealtimes with Table Talk that is full of posing questions and discussion. Neuroscience today finds that the process of posing questions and discussion is what brings forth the best mental growth in individuals. This is a tradition long understood among the Jewish people.  Many from the Nations ask Jewish people why we are such an innovative people.  The answer given by those who are so innovative is, “I was raised to ask questions and to pursue the thinking it takes to explore those questions.” 

It is our prayer that you will be able to adjust your family lifestyle so that there is time to eat your food slowly and to have a family table that is memorable for each of your children as to what happened together around the family table during all of their formative years.

A question for all of us:  Are our children learning to think? Are they given the environment at home they need to explore their own brilliance?  Are we parents and grandparents actively involved in this process? 

It is the vision of Table Talk Torah Truths to assist in whatever creative ways we can to help to bring about changes in how we relate to one another.  It is possible to learn to relate within relationships where each of us begin to live within the brilliance that we are created to be.


Families learning the wonder of Communication Skills. How to accurately hear one another and to be genuinely eager to hear the thoughts of another.  To then think within the thoughts of another, exploring journeys of thought flowing through paths of Truth.  There are no limits of the explorations of Truth within Truths.  The discoveries of Neuroscience today are astounding!  Descriptions of the created design of The Creator in how the human mind can explore!  It is now known that every person is created with a complete intelligence.  A pattern of Seven Intelligences that each person is born with BUT no two persons use that seven in the same way! Some in Neuroscience call a person’s unique pattern of thinking in the use of these Seven Intelligences, looping.  By this they are referring to the pattern in which an individual thinks within the flow of the Seven Intelligences that make up his/her intelligence. In the research so far, no two people are found who loop in the same way. 

Because of this discovery, some Neuroscientists are concluding that every child is a genius and are the only genius in their genius!  But will that child ever have the environment of home that is needed for that child to be free to be exactly the child they are created to be?

Parents, so much happens to that intelligence based upon the home environment that a child is born into!  Based upon the thinking patterns from our own life experience, we create an environment in our home that has stress, pressure and even dangers that a child is exposed to.  What is the response within the child? The majority of a child’s creative energy will now be spent on how to survive in an environment that is not safe for the unique person that they are. Too much of their creative energy focused on survival instead of the natural development of their unique genius.  A genius that first develops during their early years of play. In some cultures, even childhood play is removed from them! How much loss of genius is prevalent among the inhabitants of the earth!


The people of Israel have for a very long time known a principle of family living that we call Shalom Bayit.  It is a phrase we use to refer to Wholeness in The Home.

The Hebrew word Shalom means wholeness.  It is when someone knows their own wholeness that they experience the peace that such a wholeness brings.  Humanity is created to know wholeness. When God created the Humanity that He created, He called us nephesh chayya.  What is nephesh chayya?  Nephesh, a life! Chayyah living!

The humanity that God created humanity to be was created to walk in their own wholeness participating in face to face relationships each from their own wholeness.

One whole life living as it is created to live!  Living in the wholeness of one’s being!

And living together with others in a way that helps others to know their own wholeness. Here at Table Talk Torah Truths, we hope to inspire and equip families to move forward into the future of possible!  It is possible to learn to create a Home Environment where the family is able to experience together what we were created to experience as families. You will notice on our Home Page that this web site is the home of MBT Academy.  It is here in this Academy that we are able to offer the most help to couples, families and individuals.  There is also a Student Resource Center. By the end of 2018 we hope to have many good resources here. And you will find our TT Store.  What you find in the Table Talk Store is intended to be simple and creative helps for you in your own life and in your face to face interactions with your own family and with others. Many items in the TT Store will be inspired from what you would learn in the MBT Academy.

A further word about The MBT Academy

The MBT Academy is a unique place of learning for people of any age.  We have designed a series of what we call “Sitting Rooms”. These rooms utilize what we have learned from recent discoveries in Neuroscience that are foundational to the process of learning.  In these Sitting Rooms you will develop a biblical vocabulary, build the fundamental concepts that are needed for learning Torah, and learn how to build new neural networks of Truth that promote transformational thinking.

It is transformational thinking that transforms relationships!  If you choose to enroll as a couple in the MBTA, together you will learn why this is so and how it happens.

If you are single, this learning can transform what is possible for you in the relationships of your life now and for your future of possible.

Timeless Torah Truths.

The purpose for this web site has been many years in the making.

A lifetime of study and learning.  We invite you to the journey of discovering the creation we were created to be!