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   The purpose of the Student Resource Center is to provide online materials for Students of Torah.  We will add to these resources, as they become available.

Articles and Study Tools

   In this section of our Student Resource Center you will find articles and study tools carefully chosen to assist in the kind of learning that we hope to provide for meaningful “Table Talk” in your home and when you gather together with friends who love to speak together within Timeless Torah Truths. 

   Be sure to read the material carefully within the context of what you are exploring in the MBTA Sitting Rooms.  These are truths that you need in repetition and in various connections of Torah Truths. So if you notice that it is something you have already read, it is important that you still re-read the material from within the context of the MBTA Sitting Room. Then sit and think within what you are reading.

Understanding The Word lev, לב In The Ancient Semitic Languages

Understanding The Word lev, לב In The Ancient Semitic Languages

The Hebrew word often translated “heart” is the word lev, לב. Although lev is frequently translated as “heart,” it should be rendered “mind.”  This information is actually very important for accurate reading of many Biblical texts. Based upon personal conversations...

MBTA Discussion of chata’ah

WATCH: You aren’t at the mercy of your emotions – your brain creates them.