Torah Rediscovered


Torah Rediscovered lovingly challenges readers, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, to take an honest new look at the true nature of the first five books of the Bible (the Torah). Torah Rediscovered reveals the beauty and depth of God’s divine covenantal revelation. In doing so, Torah Rediscovered attempts to demonstrate to all who seek to understand it how its divinely inspired pages can help them to learn in greater depth what it means to be new creations in Messiah. Plus a chapter on how to study and teach the Torah along with the weekly Torah readings. Foreword by Dr. David Stern, translator of The Complete Jewish Bible. Join hundreds of others from all around the world and order your copies of Torah Rediscovered today!



Torah Rediscovered opens by recounting the story of Josiah, a high priest of ancient Israel, rediscovering the Torah amid the ruins of the Temple. At this present time in the history of Israel, the Spirit of God is again causing many in Israel to rediscover His ancient words.

Today, people of many faiths throughout the nations are beginning to rediscover the Torah (the five books of Moses) as the book of the covenant given to God’s redeemed people. As a document describing the lifestyle for the holy community, Torah also serves as the sacred marriage agreement between God and His people. Indeed, more than 2,600 years since Josiah’s monumental find, people from all parts of the world are making the same rediscovery for their own personal and corporate lives.

In Torah Rediscovered, Ariel and D’vorah Berkowitz make a logical and impassioned Biblical case for all Judeo-Christian people to take a new and honest look at the nature and unity of the Holy Scriptures, which are called by God, the Torah.

This book was written in conjunction with its sister book, Take Hold. Both books look at the application and relevancy of the first 5 Books of Moses to the lives in peoples of all faiths. While both books are relevant for all readers, Torah Rediscovered was written for specifically to the Jewish audience and Take Hold was written to the Gentile audience.

Paperback, 186 pages.


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